RV series reverse pto gearbox reverse gearbox



  RV series worm control gear box

     The products are widely applied in the producing equipments of all kinds of industries inside and outside China. They are the best choices for nowadays modern facilities of mechanical reducing drive control to realize large twisting distance, large gear ratio, little noise, high efficiency and stability.

  • High quality die casting aluminum alloy housing, suitable for universal mounting.
  • Heat sink design for cooling provides great surface area and higher thermal capacity than the casting iron housings.
  • 8 sizes from 030 to 130, with power scope rom 7.5w to 60kw.
  • Larger speed ratio range. each single frame size has 12 ratios from 5:1 to 100:1.
  • Hardened worm with fine grinding has the features of higher efficiency and big output torque.
  • Low noise and stably running, can adapt long term work condition in terrible environments.
  • Light weight, high mechanical strength.
  • Technical data:1,output torque:493-131611(N.m)

    2,rated power:5*-5168(kw)

    3,input speed:≤1500 (rpm)

    4,output speed:120-1200(rpm)

    5,transmission ratio:1.25-6.3


    7,Model no. :ZDY(80-560)


    1. The center distance ratio and other major both by optimizing design, the main parts and components
    Has good compatibility.
    2. Gear adopts high quality alloy steel cementite, quenching and become, gear hardness to reach
    3. Small volume, light weight, high precision, carrying capacity, long service life, can be
    By sexual high, low noise, smooth transmission.
    4. Generally USES oil pool lubrication, natural cooling, when the thermal power cannot satisfy
    When, can use circulating oil lubrication or fan, cooling coil cooling.

    If you need any other style needs, please don’t feel trouble direct contact with me. 

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