China Custom African Design CZPT Tandem Alxe 6500 Gallons 12mt Filling Trucks LPG Bobtail Truck with Rogo Nozzle automatic gearbox

Product Description

Sinotruk CHINAMFG 6X4 25cbm 12mt Gas Cylinder Car Filling Trucks LPG Bobtail Truck for Sale

Product description

Bobtails are commonly used for local multistage distribution of LPG to customers with the tankers transporting bulk loads from terminals or refineries to bottling plants. As bobtails allow for on-site sales they are commonly equipped with monitoring and metering systems.
An LPG (propane) bobtail is a specialized bulk delivery vehicle custom built by manufacturers to hold from approximately 1000 to 5000 gallons of LPG. Built in a variety of sizes, a bobtail may contain different equipment and systems depending on when it was constructed and how it will be used.

Product Specification

Item No. Parameters
Overall Dimension 11000x2500x3450mm
Driving Model Left hand drive
Gross Vehicle Weight 25000 kg
Curb Weight 14500kg
Payload 10500kg~12500kg
Wheel Base 4600+1350 mm
Front/rear Tread 1500 /2750 mm
Approach/Departure Angle 15/9 degree
Front Axle 9500kg
Rear Axle 16000kgX2
Engine Diesel Engine, WD615.47, 4-stroke direct injection,6-cylinder in-line with water cooling,turbo-charging and inner cooling
Engine horsepower 371HP, EURO II
Displacement 9726mL (Diesel)
Max Driving Speed 90 km/h
Gearbox Manual, HW19710 with PTO, 10 CHINAMFG & 2 Reverse Gear
Cabin Standard HW76 cabin, 2~3 Passenger allowed,with Air Conditioner
Tire 12.00R20(10 pcs with 1 spare)
Exhaust Pipe At front of Cabin for safety


LPG tank
Volume: 25000 liters
Tank material: Q345R
Tank diameter: 2050mm
Tank thickness: 10mm
End plate thickness: 12mm
Tank length: 8060mm or as designed
Gas phase Flange type,DN50/2″ or according to customer request
Liquid Phase Flange type,DN50/2″ or according to customer request
Filling gas Propane(LPG)
Design Pressure: 1.61Mpa
Testing pressure 2.21Mpa

Reference Photos

Two Types of Dispenser Machine for Optional

After-sales Service

1. Provide English operation manual and Instruction videos.
2. One year free warranty for major 3 components: engine, gearbox, axles; One set of easily worn spare parts of truck chassis for free; Spare parts supplied at factory price whenever needed.
3. Aftersales service whenever needed. Our engineers will go to customer’s country to assist the installation and operation if order more than 10 units. 




Warranty: 1 Year
Transmission Type: Manual
Power: Diesel
Load Capacity: 1-10t
Emission Standard: Euro 2
Tank Volume: 15001-30000L


Customized Request

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China Custom African Design CZPT Tandem Alxe 6500 Gallons 12mt Filling Trucks LPG Bobtail Truck with Rogo Nozzle   automatic gearbox	China Custom African Design CZPT Tandem Alxe 6500 Gallons 12mt Filling Trucks LPG Bobtail Truck with Rogo Nozzle   automatic gearbox
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